Little game made on #LudumDare44 GameJam.

“What else can I do to save these people?” Cried out Danko above the thunder. And suddenly he reaped open his breast and tore out his heart and held it high above his head.

Your goal is to survive 5 waves and don’t let to fall down your altar.

crossed_swords Destroy enemies!

skull Give your organs to heal your altar’s and get buffs/debuffs.

skull_crossbones Be smart and balance your hp and altar’s hp.

video_game We hope you enjoy the game. All feedback is very important for us. Good luck. Have a fun!!

Fix Update v.0.01

  • Fixed bug with altar openning
  •  Fixed bug with pause button
  •  Fixed bug with damage hero
  •  Fixed bug with lights in webgl version
  •  Fixed bug with sound of skeletons 

 Fixed bug with colliders


  • W,A,S,D - walk
  •  Left Mouse  - attack
  • E - use altar
  •  P - pause
  • Esc - quit game


Danko 51 MB


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Hey, just wondering where the Ludum Dare site page is for this game?